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Benefits of Monyx Turmeric Soap

Monyx Gold Turmeric Soap is a fusion of beneficial organic plant extract and essential oils. The oils and plant extracts were carefully selected to deliver instant result. Exploring the numerous benefits of turmeric fortified with other potent components. Monyx gold turmeric Soap has the ability to;

  • Mop up and control excess oil
  • Gets rid of pimples
  • Improves Skin Colour
  • Clears spots and skin irritations

The ability of the monyx Gold turmeric soap boasts of a money back guarantee. Aside its five in one benefit, if used as a regular soap, will maintain a healthy and clear skin without blemishes.

Requirements For Distributorship

To become a distributor for our Turmeric Soap, you have to be qualified by these requirements so as to serve you better.

  • Must have a physical Office/shop
  • Must have a sales plan
  • You should be able to get minimum volume of 50 cartons (60 pieces in each)


Freguently Asked Questions

Is it NAFDAC Approved

Yes it is! The soap is NAFDAC Approved.

How Long does is take to expire

It takes atleast 3 years to Expire. That is so much time to have more than 3 deliveries

What else will be received apart from the cartons of Soap

There will be a sticker/banner given to you. to place around or outside your shop/Office to let people know you have our Product.

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    Benefits of Being a Monyx Distributor

    • Earn more than 15% on Profit
    • Our Products Market themselves and its all Posititve reviews
    • People are looking for Turmeric soap urgently now and this one is purely Organic.
    • We spend time and resources on Marketing Online and Offline, so people get to know well about the brand so it is easy for You to sell.
    • We have been selling for more than 4 years so we have a good customer Base already.

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