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Monyx Skincare is a foremost skincare brand in Nigeria with a strong affinity for organically produced and processed raw materials in the formulation of skin products. Monyx Skin College was launched officially in October 2019 and started its operations in Lagos state before branching off to Port-Harcourt. The product line was launched in 2013 and has continued to make waves ever since.
Monyx skin college was born out of passion to grown and nurue other aspriring therapist and Champion the course of developing world standard skin products of African origin with raw materials from Africa.


Our Mission is to help as many people as possible to care for their skin and provide solutions to skin problems and challenges. Enabling them feel good in their skin



To produce a globally accepted skin college and research centre with an African origins that would profer solutions to the uniqueness of the African Skin and other human skin needs.


Certification in
Basic Skin Therapy

Duration: 3 Months
Tuition Fee: N90,000
Registration Fee: N4,000

Diploma in
Advance Skin Therapy

Duration: 6 Months
Tuition Fee: N120,000
Registration Fee: N4,000

Courses Outline

Certification in
Basic Skin Therapy

Course Outline
  • Introduction to the skin
  • Biology of the skin
  • Skin cell
  • Structure of the Skin
  • Skin types
  • Functions of the Skin
  • Skin Testing
  • Skincare Routine
  • Skin problems /Diseases/ Treatment
  • Skincare practices
  • Facials
  • Waxing
  • Product formulation
  • Skin products and Types
  • C3 cream formulation
  • Pro-cream mixing
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Emotients and body butlers
  • Continuous Assessment

Diploma in Advance Skin Therapy

Course Outline
  • Biology of the skin
  • The Skin cell
  • Structure of the skin
  • Skin Diseases : Acne, Cold sore, Blister, Hives, Actinic Keratosis, Rosacea, Carbuncle, Latex Allergy, Eczema, psoriasis, Cellulitis, Measeles, Melanoma, Lupus, contact dermatitis, Vitiligo, Wart, Chicken pox, Ringworm, Melasma, Impetigo, moles, Athletics foot, Age spots
  • Functions of Skin
  • Types of Skin
  • Human Skin color
  • Skin Pigmentation
  • Skin Hygiene
  • Permeability of Skin
  • Skin and Age (ageing)
  • Skincare Routine
  • Skincare Practices
  • Skin Products and Types

Class Session At MSC (Monyx Skin College)

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Rules and Regulations

  • Application must be duly completed and submitted and two passport size photographs before resumption.
  • Payments must be completed not later than four weeks after resumption or classes will be paused until payment is made.
  • To pause your class due to payment or any other issue, you must write to the school director requesting that your class be suspended for a stated period of time within which classes would resume. This application in subject to approval.
  • Absconding from training without written permission do would not stop the clock from ticking, you are to graduate at the appointed time even without completing your curriculum in which case a certificate is not issued.
  • To get certified, You must completed your training and pass the assessment.
  • You are not allowed into the work area without the correct dress code.
  • The school provides you with a work station and the initial training material. You are to provide your own personal practical materials.
  • No late coming for training.
  • No Business transaction within the school environment.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can Classes Be Taken Online

    Yes, We have Video Classes Available. and Your praticals will still be recorded.

    Do I Need To Have the Basic Certificate Before The Advanced

    Yes, You would have to Finish with the Basic Certificate before registering for the advance course.

    How can I get certified if I am Outside Port-Harcourt

    After completing all processes, classes and practicals. We would send a Personalized signed certificate that you can always share

    How many Days Do The Class Hold

    Online Classes holds Every Weekday

    Campus Classes holds every weekday also. 3 Lesson classes and 2 Practical classes in a week.

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